Crispin Creative Makes Cattle Call for Oil Spill Solutions

By Matt Van Hoven 

Crispin Porter Bogusky’s Andrew Keller is looking for an answer. The question: how to stop the Gulf oil well from spewing its contents into the ocean.

Keller writes on his Posterous: “Often times it seems like creativity has the power to generate solutions that out-perform the conventional approaches that we follow due to ‘expertise’, functional fixedness or cultural pressure…So when three CP+Bers came to me with the idea of asking the agency to take a crack at solving this oil spill thing, I jumped at the chance. It’s just so crazy it might work.”

Keller opened up the question and wants your answers. Call it a creative puzzle with real world implications. But keep this in mind &#151 if a solution to the current oil debacle emerges from Crispin, you’re all screwed.


Check out some submissions here. Send your ideas to whatif[at]

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