Farhang Slyly Slips Out of 180 LA

By Kiran Aditham 

180 LA sure knows how to keep schtum with certain personnel issues as we just found out that Amir Farhang, who was promoted to creative director of digital and innovation at the agency last November, left in April to pursue a directing career.

Farhang, who also had copywriting stints at BBH New York and Crispin, was lured to 180 LA in 2007 by the agency’s ECD William Gelner and subsequently worked on campaigns including Adidas “Brotherhood” and most recently Sony’s “Rocket Project.” According to 180, the departure was “amicable.”


Farhang gives us a status update and explains his departure: “Yes, I left for personal reasons. [I’m] looking to direct and have been working to get that going with a few people but nothing is definite yet. In the meantime, I’m freelancing at w+k amsterdam and writing a TV pilot as well as some shorts that I plan to shoot when I get back stateside. while i certainly miss my friends from 180, this was the right time to try something new and experience new things along the way.”

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