Take That, AIDS: RedPencils Raised $50k for AIDS Research

By Matt Van Hoven 

Friends of Keith Gibson and Shawn Webster should call those guys and congratulate them on raising $50k for AIDS research. With the help of agencies like Leo Burnett and Cramer Krasselt (which matched employee contributions), and tons of individuals, the Red Pencils Biking Team were able to raise the $3k needed for each of their 15 riders by the deadline.

Webster tells AgencySpy that today they’ve reached $45k, but expect to hit $50k by tomorrow. The team, comprised of ad pros, will ride from San Francisco to LA for the effort. If you’re in the area of the ride, step out and cheer on your advertising colleagues who are supporting this cause.

It’s been interesting to watch the progression of this grass roots effort. Just last November Webster and crew reached out to us with news of their plans and just 8 months later they’ve got $50k to show for it. Wonder what the Masked Rider


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