CP+B’s First Infiniti Ad (for Real This Time)

By Patrick Coffee 

A few weeks ago, we posted on what appeared to be CP+B’s first work for its newest client, Infiniti.

Following what seemed like an endless review, Crispin won the business after a July breakup with TBWA; the client finally confirmed the CP+B win in October.

A month ago, we found a spot promoting the Q50 model on the Facebook page of audio production house JSM Music. The spot, which had not been released to media, was attributed to Crispin — but a contact now tells us that most of the work involved in what was essentially 30 seconds of car stunt footage was that of the client’s previous AOR.


The client has yet to debut its official “brand work” by the new agency — but earlier this month it did post what is definitely the first ad by Crispin.

Here’s “Driver’s Seat”:

So Infiniti is NOT one of Google’s self-driving cars…but who would admit to owning one of those anyway?

While the coming work will be completely separate from this particular ad, it does provide us with some hints as to the campaign’s creative direction: a combination of what the car’s new features can do and how driving it will make you feel.

No word on when, exactly, the larger effort will debut.