Ogilvy Celebrates New York for Tiffany

By Erik Oster 

Ovilgy & Mather New York launched a new spot for Tiffany, promoting the brand’s CT60 watch with “A New York Minute.”

The 60-second (appropriately enough) spot celebrates New York and the brand’s establishment of the “New York Minute” when Charles Tiffany put one of the city’s first mainstay clocks outside the store. That event is only alluded to in the ad, with a quick shot of the clock and the concluding line, “From the inventors of the New York minute” but the connection between the brand and its city is reinforced throughout. It celebrates the successes and failures (“because you made them here) of New Yorkers as triumphs, before asking, “Could anything measure that pulse, that beat, that pace?” before introducing the watch.

The ad arrives just days before the launch of the Apple Watch, and presents the CT60 as a classy alternative, allying the brand’s traditions with those of its city. While “A New York Minute” certainly touches on some anthem ad cliches, New Yorkers in love with their city will be more than willing to overlook them for the celebratory tone of the spot. But will it be enough to persuade them to purchase the classic design of the CT60 over Apple’s sleek new tech?


Chief Creative Officer: Chris Garbutt
Global CMO: Lauren Crampsie
Creative Director: Debra Fried
Art Director: John Doyle
Senior Copy Writer: Parker Sims
Associate Creative Director: Guido Boehm
Executive Producer: Maureen Phillips
Senior Producer: Alexis Stember
Executive Music Producer: Karl Westman
Executive Group Director: Leyland Streiff
Account Supervisor: Kat Bear Brown
Account Executive: Aniella Opalacz

Production Company: Believe Media
Director: Bruno Aveillan
Cinematographer: Tristan Sheridan
Edit: VFX
Music: “Waited for You” Slow Magic
Sound Effects: Henryboy