Create Your Own Instagram Clip from Toronto Silent Film Festival

By Kiran Aditham 

The 2015 Toronto Silent Film Festival is now officially in the books (it wrapped on April 14), but the event endures thanks to an Instagram-based campaign from hometown agency Red Lion that essentially serves as a microcosm of the fest itself.

Red Lion has unveiled a “choose your own adventure”-style effort on Instagram which marks the third year that organizers have used the social media platform for promotion; the interactive work allows users to follow a path based on the seven silent films that aired during TSFF 2015 and make a 15-second clip all their own. As the video explains above, the parties claim that it’s “almost impossible” for any two user-created films to be the same.


According to Red Lion president/chief creative officer Matthew Litzinger:

“The odds of someone having the exact same experience as someone else is literally in the hundreds of thousands. To us, it’s always exciting when you have a chance to redefine something, in this case hopefully by looking at a new medium differently, people will start to do the same with an old one.”

If you’re feeling the need to create your own silent film via Instagram, check out the TSFF account page here.