Code and Theory Works With National Council on Aging to Address Need for Digital Healthcare Resources

By Erik Oster 

The National Council on Aging (NCOA), an organization focused on helping individuals over 60 years of age with quality of life concerns, tapped Code and Theory for a campaign addressing the need for digital healthcare among the elderly, following a review process involving multiple agencies.

“To reach more people, we knew we had to step forward to engage with older adults more directly. Digital is the most powerful and accessible way to do that, and Code and Theory is an industry leader in designing websites that are beautiful, functional, and effective,” NCOA chief marketing and business development officer Ken Bracht told AgencySpy “On top of that, we discovered during the search process a genuine commitment at Code and Theory to the mission of improving the lives of older adults.”

Code and Theory worked with NCOA to redesign, rebuild, and reposition the organization’s digital presence, with the goal of creating a more accessible experience easily navigable for seniors, professionals, caregivers and advocates, as well as driving donations through a more seamless experience.


Bracht explained the new website complies with level AA web accessibility guidelines, making it user-friendly for older adults and individuals with disabilities and presents visitors with the most relevant information first. The site also includes a digital tool called the Age Well Planner, which recommends personalized resources and next steps to individuals users’ situations, including helping them navigate important healthcare coverage decisions.

“NCOA is planning to build on the incredible digital foundation built with Code and Theory. With the help of new funders, we are looking to add more topics and tools to the Age Well Planner, as we know that there are multiple issues older adults face where decision support could make a big difference,” Bracht added. “Within the next year, NCOA also plans to integrate its BenefitsCheckUp tool into the website, providing a holistic digital experience for older adults and the people who care for them.”