Chris Pratt Shows His Fandom for Lifestyle Brand TravisMathew

By Kyle O'Brien 

Chris Pratt may be a superhero as Star-Lord, but the actor looks at his clothing in a similar light in a campaign for California-based men’s lifestyle brand, TravisMathew. Pratt, a fan of the label, is starring as its first ambassador in the entertainment space.

Pratt’s passion for the golf and leisure clothing brand comes through in two spots from Los Angeles agency The KIMBA Group, and highlights the actor’s comedic timing as he fawns over his clothes. In one spot, Pratt wonders if the “perfect” pants he’s wearing can make him as perfect as well. He is seen awkwardly reading a script, screwing up a golf shot and poorly installing a closet rod, finally admitting that only the pants are perfect.


In another, Pratt tries to come up with one word to describe how he feels about TravisMathew, reciting about 30 words while seen caressing his closet of clothes.

TravisMathew had previously done its production in-house, but the brand made the decision to go with The KIMBA Group after Pratt signed on.

Landing Chris Pratt

“We wanted to work with an agency that had the capabilities to make this our best creative yet that also aligned with our company outlook and process,” Leif Sunderland, TravisMathew’s vp of marketing, told Adweek. “Chris’ personality and acting chops lent themselves perfectly to the type of messaging we were looking to portray and Chris took a large role in shaping the narrative of the campaign alongside our partnership with The KIMBA Group.”

Sunderland said that the brand secured partnerships with several high-profile athletes, including golfer Jon Rahm, quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo and basketball player Alex Caruso, and wanted to complement those with a notable celebrity.

“When we were discussing a charitable component around future partnerships, one of the first people we thought of was Chris, given his work with Special Olympics and his natural relatability to many,” said Sunderland, adding that Pratt was already a fan of the brand, which made for an authentic working relationship.

“I am so excited to officially partner with TravisMathew, a brand that I’ve been wearing on and off of the golf course for a long time,” Pratt said in a statement. “TravisMathew is a brand that shares my mission of doing good and I am humbled that I can use this partnership as a vehicle to donate to the Special Olympics, an organization that’s near and dear to my heart.”

The KIMBA Group stated that TravisMathew was easy to work with, since the brand knows what it is—one that makes great clothes but doesn’t take itself too seriously.

“Knowing who they are means knowing what they want, and making smart decisions like teaming up with the lovable genius of Chris Pratt—a perfect fit,” Rebecca Rosoff, co-founder and CEO of The KIMBA Group, told Adweek, adding that the shoot was an “action-packed day.”

“Our team worked alongside TravisMathew’s in-house production arm. We were able to capture four 30-second spots as well as multiple campaign still shoots within a single day. Pratt hit every mark like the total pro he is—incredibly easy to work with and positive energy in spades.”

Pratt will continue to be an ambassador for the brand throughout 2022 and additional creative will roll out throughout the year.