Breaking: ATTIK Wins Toyota Venza

By Matt Van Hoven 

Multiple sources confirm that ATTIK has indeed won a project from incumbent agency Saatchi LA. We reported this as rumor yesterday, but today we learned (thanks tip box, and others!) that the new Toyota Venza crossover work will be in the capable hands of the ATTIK crew.

Said one of our spies, “…it was drama since the project first started, and then blam ATTIK took it over…”


There is no word if Saatchi ECD Harvey Marco’s resignation is at all correlated to the lost work. You’ll recall that Saatchi LA is Toyota USA’s AoR &#151 and the automaker is Saatchi LA’s only client.

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Saatchi LA has to be wondering how this biz loss will effect its relationship with Toyota. Considering ATTIK won the Scion (Toyota owned) account in 2002, and has had ample time to prove their worth with it, this is definitely a bad sign for the 4th largest communications group in the world’s, like, totally hip west coast baby.

“Saatchi has been having problems for a long time. Except for the Jerry Graff hire, the NY office hasn’t done much but lay people off over the past year. LA is hurting. Hell, even their spin-off agency Saatchi X isn’t doing much. And then Saatchi S? The “green” agency? They do a new biz pitch a week and never seem to win one…”

We’ve got to hand it to ATTIK for not letting this one slip during our conversation yesterday, although we suspect a confirmation call or e-mail will follow this breaking news.

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