Saatchi LA’s ECD Resigns

By Matt Van Hoven 

Harvey Marco, standing ECD at Saatchi LA, is confirmed to have resigned from his role, yesterday August 5th. This according to a Saatchi LA insider.

Harvey is known for being a kick-ass creative, so the loss is most likely Saatchi’s. By the way the only work that’s been going on over there, in case you’d forgotten, is Toyota.


We hear the shop recently lost an unknown project to ATTIK, which despite our attempts we were unable to confirm with the ATTIK folks. Still, if true, Marco’s departure could have something to do with the loss. But hey, that’s just speculation.

By the way, ATTIK is the agency that surprised everyone when they won the Scion account over Saatchi in 2002. An interesting comment was made at the time of the deal, by Scion rep Brian Bolain, who “added that hiring an outside shop should not be taken as a sign of a troubled relationship with Saatchi. Toyota ‘does not have any problems with Saatchi & Saatchi,'” he said.

But that was more than six years ago. Well, six years and 22 days, to be exact. Saatchi is no stranger to high-level losses like this, as you’ll recall. Anyone with more info on the ATTIK “project” win can contact us at, or IM/Twitter AgencySpy.

Image via Creativity Online.