BaM! Mojave’s Makers Got the Experiment Done, Fast

By Matt Van Hoven 

We’ve learned, thanks to our handy-dandy tips box, and a few other resources, that New York’s own Bradley and Montgomery is the creative hive-mind behind the work.

A quick call to BaM confirmed what we’d heard, and Bizmology reported earlier today. The agency prides itself on not being an AoR, and creating work on a project-by-project basis.

We’re told that Microsoft called BaM and told them they needed the focus group recorded and edited in 20 days. Damn, Bam! Anyway, the research subjects needed to fit two requirements; they couldn’t be Vista users and they had to have a neutral or negative preconceived notion of the product.

The rest you can see for yourself at the Web site. We hear there are more videos being edited and added to the site all the time. And remember, dear addies, Crispin had nothing to do with this. Their work is still to come. Check out more of BaM’s work at BamIdeas dot com.