Boathouse Group Launches Influencer Marketing Capability

By Kyle O'Brien 

Independent marketing and communications agency Boathouse Group is expanding into the influencer space. The company, which works with brands in healthcare, hospital systems, energy, technology and public policy, states that it is offering influencer services to broaden engagement and viral content distribution.

“Influencer engagement is a natural extension of our communications and organic social capabilities, both of which are critical parts of our mix. We expect that it will give us an even more competitive offer and, more important, give our clients a greater competitive advantage in their marketing,” Peter Prodromou, Boathouse president and leader of the company’s strategic communications capability told Adweek.

Boathouse has been utilizing artificial intelligence to enhance campaign performance, and earlier this year, the company launched a performance AI offering that uses large data and natural language systems to identify the most prolific conversations and venues affecting its clients. Based on this data, the company builds targeted campaigns to enhance visibility, impressions and client market share.


Prodromou said its influencer program differs from others in the industry in that it is informed by the agency’s AI, which can access, analyze and crunch massive data sets into actionable business insights in minutes. It also exists organically within a portfolio mix of capabilities, where it can perform more effectively and strategically.

To vet its influencers, Boathouse will use a combination of licensed technologies to help research the most appropriate profiles and properties, along with human insight and strategic planning to optimize performance.

“Our approach tears down the walls between marketing disciplines and focuses on results, rather than the traditional marketing fiefdoms that exist in organizations,” said Prodromou.

Boathouse hopes leverage profiles beyond creators and relying on including influencer profiles of industry professionals, loyal customers and employees to help drive its influencer strategies and narratives for each campaign.