Beaver Water Embraces Double Entendres in its Launch Campaign

By Kyle O'Brien 

A new canned water has launched itself into the market and it promises to stand out by donating to organizations that empower women while embracing the somewhat crude double entendre of its name.

Beaver Water is now available to consumers, the product of Beaver Beverage Company in Beaver, Utah, which it claims has the best-tasting water in the country.

“Beaver, Utah, is famous for two things: bumper stickers that read ‘I (Heart) Beaver’ and the best-tasting water in the country,” said Brittney Hunt in a statement, who co-founded Beaver Water with her husband, Brandon Hunt.


Brittany Hunt continued that the company embraced the irreverence and humor of the town and used it to create a brand of water that can have a little fun but do good for women everywhere.

“We don’t want people to get the wrong idea when we say stuff like, ‘Put your Beaver to work’ or ‘Put this Beaver to your lips and take a sip.’ Our Beaver is just great-tasting water from the mountains of Beaver, Utah. So, get your mind out of the gutter and put this Beaver in your mouth, why don’t you?” added Hunt.

The company has launched a campaign for the water, with agency Little Big Engine, that welcomes a few crude-ish jokes. The first ad, going live on the company’s website and on social channels, finds a woman talking to a beaver puppet about the canned water. The woman explains to the stuffed creature that the name will be Beaver Water while the beaver thinks that maybe the company should choose a different name.

The woman goes on to explain that 10% of the profits will go towards organizations that help women in need with reproductive healthcare, domestic abuse and equality issues. The video ends with the phrase “Nothing tastes like a Beaver” and shows the brand’s tagline, “Dam Good Water.”

Beaver is donating 10% of its point-of-purchase profits to empowering women and 100% of the profits from custom merch sales on its site to various nonprofits that empower and improve the lives of women. The company is starting with a line of clothing that supports the Young Survival Coalition, which is dedicated to young breast cancer survivors.

The water comes from the Tushar Mountains in Beaver, Utah, and the company was granted access to the source by the City of Beaver. The water won a conteset for the taste of its water from the National Rural Water Association’s Great American Taste Test in 2006. The company, which is doing its own bottling, is launching in Utah retail establishments starting with cases of flat water, with flavored and carbonated versions to come.

“Alcohol consumption is on the decline in the U.S. So is the fun and humor that people love about beer advertising. We started Beaver to give people the best-tasting alternative to beer and bring back the humor and irreverence that beer advertising used to be famous for,” said co-founder Brandon Hunt in a statement.

Little Big Engine also created the branding for the product.