Anthony Davis Is ESPN’s IT Guy in W+K New York’s Latest for SportsCenter

By Erik Oster 

New Orleans Pelicans power forward/center Anthony Davis finds another use for his talents at the offices of ESPN in W+K New York’s latest “This is SportsCenter” spot, arriving on the heels of the new NBA season.

“Anthony Davis is one of the top blockers in the NBA, so he was a perfect fit for the IT department,” explains SportsCenter anchor Lisa Kerney.

When fellow anchor John Anderson tries to post to his blog while at work, a message with Davis’ image appears telling him the page is blocked. He tries to argue that’s it’s just his blog, but Davis is having none of it. Turning to his cell phone as a back-up plan, he finds nothing gets past the elite blocker.

It’s a solid, LOL-worthy spot for the consistent “This is SportsCenter” campaign, with Davis and Anderson’s performances driving the humor. While very much in the same vein as its predecessor, September’s “Phone Calls”spot which saw Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Antonio Brown manning the reception desk, it’s still a solid formula and in fact comes across as something of an improvement over that effort.


With ESPN coming off a month in which it lost 621,000 subscribers, the network can use all the help it can get.