Reddit Agrees: The Parking Lot Next to Critical Mass Toronto Is Truly Hell on Earth

By Erik Oster 

Since today is Halloween, here is a brief and horrifying glimpse into what must be the very worst spot on this planet: the parking lot adjacent to Critical Mass Toronto.

The situation there may indeed be approaching critical mass, because we feel like someone will inevitably be injured as the confusion in this urban hellscape intensifies.

Here’s a quick snippet:


A looping video of that nightmarishly crowded parking lot in Toronto made it to the front page of Reddit last week, earning some 8,000 upvotes and 3,000-plus comments. As noted, the poorly designed lot in question sits next to the Toronto offices of Critical Mass, and the video was submitted by agency HR manager Meredith Hughes.

As one commenter put it, “Wasting time looking at people waste time. Oh far have we come with the Internet.”

It is truly the most frightening thing you will see today. And we thought finding a parking space in Brooklyn was bad!