Everyone at R/GA Dressed Like Bob Greenberg for Halloween This Year

By Patrick Coffee 

If you know anything about R/GA founder, chairman and CEO Bob Greenberg, then you probably know that he worked on the sci-fi classics Alien and Predator (but not Aliens vs. Predator, thank god) and that he always wears the same outfit every day.

Black pants, black shirt, black scarf and black beret is a good life hack for those who don’t like making fashion choices, and staffers at the agency’s headquarters have talked for years about lightly mocking Greenberg’s signature getup for Halloween. This year it finally happened as a few dozen employees went to the office wearing that very French combo.


The title of this image is “Where’s Bob,” though he’s hard to miss in the front.

There’s really not a whole lot to this one. Apparently the team in New York had joked about pulling such a stunt but couldn’t quite locate the¬†willpower to just go and do it.

Sources close to the matter tell us that the R/GA network is definitely not a cult. Not even cult-like in the slightest.

[Photo by Shima Green]