American Cancer Society in Review

By Matt Van Hoven 

We’re told that Atlanta shop TG Madison may soon lose one of their largest clients, the American Cancer Society. With more than 50 percent of their business vested in the ACS account, (that amount is not confirmed) a spy tells us this could mean the shop’s end.

What’s more, the business has “quietly” gone into review, meaning no one knows about it. Our spies assume that TGM is in the pitch, but can’t say for sure. However, it seems as though the “criteria” for the new agency have been set in such a way that TGM will not be keeping ACS.


Apparently, the “Society” seeks a larger, multinational representative. “Since this is more than 50 percent of their billings, I believe, this could spell the end for them.” This is why no business should ever put more than 20 percent of its eggs…bla bla bla.

Update: We’re told that a few BBDO offices are involved in the ACS review &#151 including BBDO Atlanta.