The Gastric Tones of Bizarro Enfatico

By Matt Van Hoven 

Yet another Web site mocking Enfatico (thanks Rob!) has been created. This time, there’s no countdown clock though. Rather, (notice the “r”) takes one of the fundamental ideas of advertising and uses it to full effect.

That is, by simply adding “r” to the mix, Enfartico says what we’re all thinking &#151 Enfatico stinks. Whoever is behind the fun little site has taken care to hide his/her identity. If you choose to do a Whois search, you’ll find a phony phone number, and the same address listing of the actual Austin shop.


“Building a new global agency required a strong stomach. There were loud noises. Broken wind. Crushed chairs. Blown-up burritos. In the end, we built something that’s never existed before — a hyper-bored, truly unimaginative marketing agency designed from the ground up to create crap for our clients. Welcome to Enfartico. We’re creativity with smell, strategy with taste, analytics with super-duper-powers. We’re a collection of wildly diverse crazies reinventing the client-agency model in a zero-decorum environment. In the pursuit of cheap and tasty, we’ve yet to find a taco stand we didn’t enjoy eating at.”

With increasing public scrutiny about the much awaited Dell work, Michael Dell’s lack of excitement.

See it before the lawyers do, and get their undies in a bunch. More after the jump.

You can get in touch with the Enfartico folks via e-mail at info at enfartico dot com. We’ve contacted them with a link to this post, in hopes of getting comment on when their first work is due to hit.

Check back for more, as the day goes on.