AgencySpy Dog of the Year Awards, Round 3

By Erik Oster 

And we’re back for Round 3 of the AgencySpy Dog of the Year Awards. Nevada is probably going to be awhile so why not take a few minutes and check out our latest round of winning pups?

First up, we have the majestic Selassie Rex Haynes, ecd of R/GA New Jersey. Known for his impeccable timing of squeaky toy play during Zoom calls (something we can definitely relate to here at AgencySpy), he also has his own personal “Bark Down Babylon” ethos by which he lives. There’s a lot to love about Selassie but we were most struck by his deep thinking, including his rejection of the binary of “good vs. bad.” For this reason, he is a worthy recipient of the AgencySpy Dog of the Year Most Philosophical Award. We hope he’ll take a moment to ponder the significance of this distinct honor.

Most Philosophical Award: 


RPA’s Max cares little for human endeavors. Sure, he’ll lounge around while you’re on Zoom calls and he’s happy to be your constant companion, but beyond that it seems he really can’t be bothered with people stuff. One look at his photo will show that he has easily earned the AgencySpy Dog of the Year Disinterested Doggy Award. And he didn’t even have to try.

Disinterested Doggy Award: 

Receptionists don’t get much better than Ollie at The Buntin Group. In addition to greeting all kinds of guests, he’s always there for you when you’re having a “ruff” day. It was an easy choice to award Ollie the AgencySpy Dog of the Year Award for Most Welcoming Receptionist.

Most Welcoming Receptionist Award: 

We’re not sure we should be awarding our next winner at all. Nail Communications’ Gator (great name!) isn’t much for chasing fame or awards. According to his entry, he’d be mortified to learn he’d even be entered into this process. We should be okay for awhile, though, since Gator is currently on a social media cleanse until after the election is over. Gator couldn’t be a more worthy recipient of the AgencySpy Dog of the Year Most Humble Award. He has certainly earned some bragging rights (which he’ll never use).

Most Humble Award:

Chloe over at McGuffin Creative Group is a very different kind of dog. She clearly loves the limelight, and the camera, as attested to with her penchant for glamour shots. She also loves pets, of course, and is well aware that you’re lucky that she’s running the show. For her camera friendly personality, Chloe has been awarded the AgencySpy Dog of the Year Picture Perfect Award.

Picture Perfect Award:

Stampede’s Lola may not have quite the same flair for the dramatic, but don’t be fooled. While she might go unnoticed while sleeping during Zoom calls, she knows that she’s the one who is truly in charge. Due to that undisputed dynamic, the diminutive Lola has earned AgencySpy Dog of the Year’s Littlest Boss Award.

Littlest Boss Award:

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