Ad Council Highlights ‘FluFomo’ as a Reason to Get a Flu Shot

By Kyle O'Brien 

Aside from having to deal with the ongoing threat of Covid-19, people now have to think about another infectious disease and one that makes an annual showing of coughing, fever, chills and other nasty symptoms—the flu.

In response to the threat of the flu, the Ad Council, CDC and AMA have launched “#FluFomo,” a campaign that highlights all the fun family events people will miss if they don’t get a flu shot. In one spot, a man is lying in bed, watching a live video stream of his family and friends at an event as grandma gets jiggy on the dance floor. He wishes he were there but instead he’s coughing into his pillow. A Spanish version shows a woman missing out on a big party as she’s laid out by the flu.


The #FluFomo PSAs were created pro bono by multicultural advertising agency fluent360 and will appear in TV, radio, social media, out-of-home and digital formats in donated time and space and in #FluFOMO social activations, with an emphasis on reaching Black and Hispanic communities.

“The difficult, but necessary work continues of engaging with Black and Hispanic Americans about the flu and challenging the mindsets of individuals who are undecided about getting the vaccine,” Ad Council president and CEO Lisa Sherman said in a statement. “Our campaign raises awareness that the flu shot is the most effective way to protect ourselves and our families and can significantly reduce the burden on our hospitals and healthcare workers.”

“FluFomo” is an extension of the Ad Council’s annual “No Time for Flu” campaign. People are encouraged to visit for more information, including where to get a flu vaccine in their area.