Google and Target Support Black-Owned Businesses in New Campaigns

By Kyle O'Brien 

Two big brands are supporting Black-owned businesses in the lead up to Black Friday. Both Google and Target have released campaigns to promote shopping at Black-owned businesses the day after Thanksgiving and through the holiday season.

Google’s second annual @BlackOwnedFriday features the talents of artists T-Pain and Normani to sing the praises of Black-owned businesses across the country.  The company wants to make it easier for people to support those businesses during the holiday season, so it partnered with U.S. Black Chambers, Inc. for a second year to reimagine Black Friday as Black-Owned Friday.


Google worked with BBH USA and musician T-Pain, who wrote a new original musical track for Black-owned Friday. The track features T-Pain and Normani and is brought to life in a shoppable music film that features more than 100 products from over 50 Black-owned businesses.

T-Pain also composed a blog post that spotlights Black-owned businesses in an effort to drive economic equality. In it, the founder of Nappy Boy Entertainment states: “An important way to support Black-owned businesses this holiday season is to help make sure people can find them—and digital tools can help.”

Targeting Chicago shoppers

Black Shop Friday is back with an expanded campaign that encourages Chicagoans to shop at Black-owned businesses on the Friday after Thanksgiving.

The initial Black Shop Friday program was created by Black and diverse staff members at Chicago-based agency OKRP, led by executive creative director Aubrey Walker in November 2020.  The success of the program led to the establishment of Black Shop Friday as a 501c3 non-profit organization dedicated to amplifying Black voices and culture.

This season, Black Shop Friday is making it easier to identify and shop at more than 700 Black-owned businesses through its interactive map on a dedicated website. Black Shop Friday has partnered with Target to increase the impact of the program by providing retail training for participating businesses and expanding the reach of an integrated marketing campaign.

In Target’s ongoing support of Black-owned businesses, it is encouraging participants to apply for its Target Accelerator Programs: Takeoff and Forward Founders, which are designed to increase their potential for long-term success in retail.

“Target remains focused on working alongside diverse and minority business owners to accelerate their economic opportunities and expand their growth,” Maurice Cooper, senior vice president marketing at Target, said in a statement. “Equity in access, resources and exposure for Chicago business owners is key in creating and sustaining generational wealth and we are proud to partner with Black Shop Friday in this important work.”

Earlier this year, Black Shop Friday collaborated with Target to establish a majority-Black board of directors. Ad industry veteran Carol H. Williams is joining Black Shop Friday as a board member and her agency, Carol H. Williams Advertising, is also supporting the media campaign execution.

Black Shop Friday continues to receive support from last year’s initial partners, the Chicago Urban League, the City of Chicago and Edelman. The website was built in 2020 by Chicago agency Geletka, and the shop’s team has enhanced and expanded the site and delivered digital support.