Absolutely Nothing Can Stop Ally Financial and Grey New York from Serving Their Clients Right

By Patrick Coffee 

When last we heard from Grey New York and auto loan company Ally Financial, the agency had designed a bunch of colognes that smelled like odd and probably not so impressive automobiles. Who wouldn’t want to reek of muscle car??

Last week, the two launched Ally’s very first unified brand campaign under the “Do It Right” tagline, which refers to the way Ally treats its customers: right. Also, nothing stops them. Not even one thing.

The anthem spot “Ally Team Huddle” shows us just how far that principle can go with a little help from the old Motley Crue.

We like the guy hanging from the balcony at :17. How did he get there and, more importantly, who will help him down?!

In the next spot, “Swimming Pool,” an actor who looks a whole lot like Brian Posehn helps an Ally employee return to the land of the living. But that guy just can’t resist slipping back into the darkness in order to reveal some more details about the future life of the guy who looks just like the former star of the sadly missed Mr. Show. (The Netflix reboot was not good. Now let’s argue about it on reddit.)

“Wishing Well” shows us that Ally employees’ dedication to their clients goes beyond the job itself. That won’t stop attitude extends to dates and ill-advised treks into public bodies of water.

For more on that “going places you definitely shouldn’t go” theme, one Ally employee braves all sorts of painful and potentially fatal pitfalls to score that deal.

Things take a turn toward the freaky in “Hitchhiker,” one of fiction’s most reliable sources of guaranteed mischief. This actor reminds us of a young Buscemi…

The last spot in the series, “Go Spartans,” doesn’t quite have the punchline or concept of the other ads, but its heart is in the right place. It’s just a bit more straightforward in that Bad News Bears sort of way.

The print ads also cover the snarky/earnest dichotomy. First, Kimmy might be just a little too enthusiastic. We wouldn’t want to cross her.

ally print

Troy, on the other hand, simply cares about his community. Does he really need another reason??

ally print 2

The campaign launch included the six spots above, the first half of which are broadcast. New print ads will also debut in the fall to highlight products, employees and customers.

CMO Andrea Riley says, “The launch of ‘Do It Right’ marks an important milestone for Ally, because it brings together all of our financial services offerings under one unified brand promise that truly reflects our company and our relentless focus on doing things right for our customers. The creative includes photos of Ally teammates and customers and incorporates powerful narratives to illustrate the ways that we do things right.”

The punchier ones definitely stood out. And if one agency can make an endless series of sometimes-funny ads about car insurance, another can do the same with auto loans. (We know that auto finance is only one part of the Ally portfolio as they also do bank and credit card stuff, but that would dilute our point.)