W+K London and Lurpak Tell Food Lovers Everywhere to Get Cooking

By Erik Oster 

W+K London launched a new campaign for Lurpak, telling people who enjoy preparing and eating food (we refuse to use the word “foodie”) that it’s “Game On, Cooks.”

Like the agency’s April, 2015 “Freestyle” spot, the ad celebrates home cooking. This time around, though, the message is less purely celebratory. It’s more of a challenge for the food-obsessed but somewhat kitchen-averse, who watch cooking shows, follow and like obsessively on social media but haven’t made a home cooked meal in awhile. You know who you are!

“It”s time to get your hands dirty again, ” says the voiceover (presumably with some Lurpak butter), “smell the magic, hear the crackle.”

“So what are you going to be, spectator or player?” the voiceover asks at the conclusion of the spot, challenging viewers to get to know their kitchens again and devote themselves to home cooking.


The foodie challenging tone makes the spot a call to action and something of a wake-up call to foodies who have come to neglect their own kitchens. It was motivated, Adweek points out, by the insight that people are consuming more media surrounding food and cooking than ever, but actually cooking less.

It seems a fair assumption that at least some of those people will be motivated by being called out for their behavior and the spot does a good job of inspiring such viewers, showing the rewards inherent in a home cooked meal, while not shying away from the difficult tasks that are part of the job.