About That Crazy Viral Sizzler Video…

By Kiran Aditham 

Good God, we’re not sure why this promo video resurfaced, but leave it to Sizzler to remind us of Cross Colours, the Fresh Prince, and Z. Cavaricci with the 1991 masterpiece above.

Of course we weren’t the only media outlet to inquire about the origins of this artifact, and we received a response from Kristina Van Bruggen, VP of marketing for Sizzler USA:


“We’re very humbled by the thousands of wonderful posts from our customers. Sizzler is and has always been a special place for American families. We are thrilled this video is touching so many people and stirring such positive feelings about our country. Sizzle on, America, sizzle on!”

The video was originally shown to employees at an annual gathering to promote franchise sales.

The company’s PR even attributed the work to Multi Image Productions, now known as Multi Image Group. Yes, the company is still around — and now, according to their website, they specialize in ” integrating live events and online experiences, digital and social media, and immersive environments that engage, inspire and move audiences.”

We can all have a laugh at their vintage work, but their current client list includes Sprint, Volvo and, yes, Bud Light.

On that note, here’s some more recent work for Sizzler.

Breakfast pizza isn’t anything new as you can see, but Sizzler is trying its damndest to bring it into the mainstream.

We wish them the best of luck in their efforts.