Adam & Eve DDB Takes Everything for Hertz

By Erik Oster 

Adam & Eve DDB launched a new spot for Hertz entitled “Cleaned Out.”

The ad opens on a tearful mother and father saying goodbye to their son as he gets in a Hertz van, presumably headed for college. When they go back inside, however, they gradually realize that their son has taken the kettle, the microwave, the television and pretty much everything else he could grab. It’s a funny way to deliver the “You can take everything with Hertz Van Rental” message that functions as the tagline. The pacing for the spot, directed by Guy Shelmerdine, is key, with the first sign that everything isn’t right coming when the mother goes to hang her coat up and it falls to the floor (as the son has taken the coathanger) and gradually building from there until the father wonders what exactly the son wants his grow bags for. It’s not easy to make an ad for a van rental entertaining or memorable, but Adam & Eve DDB manage to pull it off here.


Client: Hertz
Title: Cleaned Out
Creative Agency: Adam & Eve DDB
Agency Producer: Richard Adkins
Chief creative officer: Ben Priest
Executive creative directors: Ben Tollett, Richard Brim
Creative directors: Matt Woolner, Steve Wioland
Copywriter: Frances Leach
Art director: Christopher Bowsher
DOP: Rob Hardy
Production Company: Smuggler
Director: Guy Shelmerdine
Producer: Molly Pope
Executive producers: Chris Barrett, Fergus Brown
Editor: Andy McGraw, Stitch LA
Post-production: MPC