AA|RF Cuts 2008 Bonuses, Breeds Confusion/Fear Among Employees

By Matt Van Hoven 

Is it too early to start drinking? Like I need to ask you people. If this were 1962, you’d all be well into your second Scotchy Scotch-Scotch, and half way through your first pack of Luckies. But maybe I’ve been watching too much MadMen.

I ask the aforementioned question because the stupid sh*t we’re told about Avenue A|Razorfish keeps getting…stupider. For today, stupider is a word.


More on the drama, after the jump.

We hear there won’t be a switch to Microsuck’s much-more-gooder bennies plan (although a source seemed to think the opposite). Is this agency going up for sale? The fact that employees were recently told they won’t be getting their annual bonuses coupled with the lack of Microsoft benefits indicates something is amiss. T’would make sense to keep costs low before selling off to, say, WPP.

From an HR perspective, dampening the “no bonuses, bitches” punch-to-the-gut with a “but don’t worry, you’re getting Microsoft’s benefits as of next month” or something like that would make sense (maybe they don’t employ logic?).

Whatever the case, we’re told that hasn’t happened. So why do some employees feel they bennies are coming while others do not? Share your thoughts by e-mailing us at AgencySpy at gmail dot com, Twitter/IM AgencySpy.

(Ed’s note: The razorfish and razorclam are two different, but equally disgusting creatures. They probably both smell like the ocean. The above image is a “Pearly Razorfish” – or at least that’s what we’re told.)