DraftFCB Trades its Soul for Dan “Ziggy” Zigulich

By Matt Van Hoven 

As if! We all know Draft doesn’t have a soul…But there is a teenie-tiny bit of good news for the Chicago agency, depending on how you look at it.

DraftFCB has hired Dan “Ziggy” Zigulich to fill the executive vice president, director of creative production services position. In that role, he’ll be responsible for leading all of the broadcast production, print production and studio efforts, reporting to Chief Creative Officer Rob Sherlock, and working closely with Executive Creative Director Kathy Bucaro-Zobens.

Ziggy spent 17 years at DFCB-Chi before leaving in 1998 to start Z Group Films and later, a Hispanic version called El Grupo Zeta. But um, neither of the Web sites associated with Z Group or Grupo Zeta currently function, leading us to believe that neither did their respective companies…do they no longer exist. That would explain Ziggy’s return.

So this hire would suggest some chances are under way in the production department, which is already pretty beefy. Ziggy officially began his stay with DFCBChi on August 4, but the PR folks decided to tell us just now.