72andSunny Claims Carl’s Jr.’s El Diablo Is ‘Too Hot to Handle’

By Erik Oster 

72andSunny launched a new ad introducing the Thickburger “El Diablo” for Carl’s Jr., following up on the brand’s regressive boob-flaunting regional Super Bowl spot with a regressive boob-flaunting product launch spot.

The ad opens by announcing “The Norpoint Ice Hotel” as its setting, followed by model Sara Sampaio walking into the establishment holding the Thickburger El Diablo. Of course, this is a Carl’s Jr. ad, so we then get a series of double entendres about how hot the burger is. She picks off a jalapeno and jalapeno popper from the burger (complete with suggestive close up of her mouth, of course), as the ice around her begins to melt. Disrobing (obviously), she takes a big bite of the burger and sweat drips down her body (cue close up) as she writhes suggestively and further melting ensues. It’s more of the same for Carl’s Jr., with the spicy burger launch providing further excuses to conflate temperature with sex.

Brad Haley, chief marketing officer for CKE Restaurants, told Adweek that “the new burger came out of an assignment to appeal to the large and growing Hispanic market in Carl’s Jr.’s core Southwest market” but the chain then decided the burger had national appeal as a limited-time item, and could even become a regular menu option if it proves popular enough.

“Americans’ tastes are getting more and more comfortable with flavor, with spice,” Haley told the publication. So instead of marketing to a Hispanic audience, they just had 72andSunny find the nearest pair of boobs.