TBWA DAN\Paris Tells ‘Story of a Drop’ for OPI

By Erik Oster 

TBWA DAN\Paris launched a new campaign for OPI, creating an alphabet and language using shades of the brand’s nail polish.

The brand introduces the idea with the 90-second launch video above. In it, a red drop introduces itself as the letter “A,” saying, “My mom thinks I’m very classy, but I can also be pretty naughty.” From there, all the other letters are presented, and the idea really starts to come to life when they are used to form words and sentences. These range from “Hello world,” to “Happy birthday Grandma,” to “Marry me now” and a certain four-letter word (you can find out which one for yourself). At the center of the campaign is an app which allows users to send messages using the language, and translates incoming messages. The campaign also includes print and OOH executions that make use of the same branded language, as well as merchandise like a t-shirt, mug and tote featuring different executions of the idea.


Client: OPI
Agency: DAN\Paris
Client Managers: Suzi Weiss-Fischmann, Ruthi Stirling, Marleine Pacilio, Katie Barth
Agency Managers: Julie Hardy, Philippe Simonet, Hugues Cholez, Franck Botbol
Creative Directors: Franck Botbol, Hugues Cholez, Nathalie Huni
Conception/Copywriter: Glen Troadec
Artistic Directors: Nicolas Cremmydas, Nicolas Barres
Movie Producer: Christophe Courty
Photography: Baptiste Massé/Mécanique Générale
Producers: Justine Myard-Guidi, Mathieu Gauchée
Chief Technology Officer: Ivan Zindovic
Lead Developer: Sidney Bourgallé
Social Media Planning: Lydia Faraj
Music Production: Benoît Dunaigre\Else