20something Invites People to Their Own Funerals in Go For Zero Campaign

By Erik Oster 

20something’s new campaign for Go For Zero is gaining a lot of attention, already surpassing the one million view mark on YouTube (it was uploaded on Monday).

To call attention to the dangers of speeding, 20something had people invite their fast-driving friends or relatives to their own funeral. The speeders, of course, were unaware that they were stepping into their won funeral. Tearful friends and relatives lament losing their loved ones lost too soon, while they look on and imagine what it might be like if the funeral was for real. Heavy-handed? Perhaps. But the idea behind the stunt was that most people overlook the danger inherent in casual speeding, so they needed such a wakeup call to bring attention to the devastation their driving habits could cause. Credits after the jump.



Agency: 20something

Client: IBSR / BIVV

Contacts: Kris Verbeeck, Jan Vandaele, Floris Merckx

Account: Bram Van Buynder

Creative Director: Benoît Vancauwenberghe

Art Director: Jean-pol Lejeune

Copywriter: Quentin Watelet, Birgit Fonteyn

Director: Olivier Auclair, Robert Van Donge

Film Production Company: Zoom Production

Additional credits: Céline Speeckaert, Thomas Horman, Jonathan Marchal, Pop-up talents