Team One Posits Lexus F As ‘Temptation’

By Erik Oster 

Team One runs through a list sins encouraged by the Lexus F performance line in their new spot, “Temptation.”

According to the 60-second spot, the Lexus F, “Provokes lust, unleashes wrath, incites envy, and elicits pride.” Absent are two of my personal favorites, sloth and gluttony, which Team One decided (understandably) don’t really do much to sell luxury performance vehicles. Greed is skipped over because they’re trying to get people to shell out a lot of money for a car here.


The spot, slickly produced by RSA, does a better job of tying the vehicle to certain sins than others. Lust is embodied by a couple making out in the rain, after which the Lexus F happens to exit a garage, not doing much to show how it “provokes lust.” Oh wait, it’s because the guy stops making out for a second to check out the Lexus F. Ugh. The rest of the sins are dealt with a bit better, with “unleashes wrath” tied not to actual anger but the car’s power, and envy and pride dealt with in more obvious ways. Perhaps most importantly, “Temptation” makes the Lexus F look good, even if its concluding line, “Temptation comes in many heart-pounding forms, but only one letter” is a bit weak. Stick around for credits after the jump.

Title: “Temptation”
Client: Lexus

Agency: Team One
Product Name: F Performance Line
Product Year: 2015
Chief Creative Officer: Chris Graves
Group Creative Director: Craig Crawford
Agency Assoc. Creative Director, Copywriter: Eric Arnold
Agency Creative Director: Jesse Blatz
Agency Senior Producer: Leah Bohl
Agency Executive Producer: Sam Walsh
Agency Account Executive: Eric Lessens
Agency Account Director: John CoelhoProduction Company: RSA
Director: Laurence Dunmore/Adrian Moat
Director of Photography: Brenden Galvin
Editorial Company: White House Post
Editor: Adam Robinson
Music Production Company: Robot Repair
Music Composer: Aaron Alden
Sound Design Company: Robot Repair
Sound Designer: The Robots