How RelayTV is Making Social TV Even More Social

By Adam Flomenbaum 

Features-Screen-StoreThere are a declining number of don’t-dare-talk-to-me-while-I’m-watching shows on TV (Mad Men, Game of Thrones). For all other shows, RelayTV seeks to bring friends watching the same shows closer together.

The platform is a connected TV solution for cable operators and set-top hardware manufacturers designed to make the TV experience more social for users. It allows viewers to see what their friends are watching and then join a virtual living room where they can watch together.

Kye Cheung, CEO of RelayTV, tells Lost Remote that what sets Relay apart from other connected TV companies is that they’re the “first to integrate a “push-to-talk” Voice Chat feature directly into the TV, allowing TV viewers to communicate with their friends during a show through voice in real-time.” Those in other parts of the country, then, no longer have to miss family movie night.

“The benefit to viewers,” Cheung continued, “is it creates a more natural way than social media to interact socially with a group a friends while staying engaged in the TV program, and creates more of a group “living room” experience. The benefit to operators is it keeps consumers off the 2nd screen and still focused on the TV program – and associated advertising.”

More than three out of every five broadband households in the U.S. have connected TVs, and cable operators, advertisers, and networks will begin demanding that social features be integrated into the primary screen experience.

RelayTV seems well postioned to not only help capture the social conversation but also the actual conversation.