WVIT Unveils Its Weather Jeep

By Kevin Eck 

Hartford NBC owned station WVIT is showing off its new weather vehicle. It’s called First Alert 1 and, according to the station, is “designed specifically to allow meteorologists and reporters to drive directly to the storm and deliver the most hyper local-weather conditions to local viewers.”

“With First Alert 1, we can provide live forecasts directly from areas being hit the hardest in a storm, allowing us to take news gathering and storm chasing to a whole new level,” said WVIT president and GM Ric Harris. “There is no other vehicle like First Alert 1 on the road and NBC Connecticut is proud to be a weather innovator.”

The station says there’s no limit to where the Jeep can go.

The mobile radar has the ability to see crystal-clear targets up to 36 miles away and inside storm cells more than 19 miles away. The mobile weather station can measure wind speed, wind direction, barometric pressure, relative humidity, air temperature, wind chill and more.
First Alert 1 also features live cameras inside and out of the vehicle, including a 360 degree camera to bring viewers a complete view of local weather and road conditions.