WLS Catches Stray Drone Outside Its Offices

By Kevin Eck 

WLS investigative reporter Chuck Goudie tweeted a shot of a downed drone that had possibly been hovering around the Chicago ABC owned station offices Monday. He also posted the pics to his facebook page.

Goudie told TVSpy he didn’t see the drone in flight and added there’s a rumor the owner is asking WLS security about its safe return.

As far as any rival station subterfuge going on, Goudie said, “If it was indeed one of our competitors I presume they would have plastered it with a logo such as Drone5HD or CBS2WhirlyView. There is no logo.”

Goudie then explored a possible political motive saying, with tongue firmly planted in cheek, “Because of that some I-Team members have speculated it is Mayor Emanuel trying to get an edge on the next City Hall scandal. Had it hovered outside our window there would have been a clear view of our storyboard.”