WNYW Continues To Lead Social Media In New York

By Stephanie Tsoflias Siegel 

WNYW continues to lead in the social media ratings in New York City, raising their overall Share to 39.5 in the last 30 days.

WABC came in second with a 30.7 overall Share.  WPIX came in third place with a 12.8 overall Share but saw a month of growth, increasing their Share by 21.7%.

As a group on Facebook, WNYW garnered nearly 3.5 million total Engagements on the platform over the last 30 days. WNYW’s main station Facebook Page averaged 2,232 Engagements per post and was responsible for about 87% of all of total Engagement generated by all the station accounts across all platforms in the last 30 days.


WABC was No. 1 on Twitter with a 40.3 Share on the platform as a group, followed by WNBC with a 21.0 Share. The WABC main station account was the top Twitter account overall in the New York market, accounting for a 21.0 Share by itself.

WPIX’s Myles Miller rose to the top on Twitter thanks to this tweet of the weapons found when former NBA player Sebastian Telfair was arrested in Brooklyn. That tweet alone generated about 19,000 Engagements and Miller had a 7.1 Share of the market on Twitter in the last 30 days.

On Instagram, WABC was also first with a 37.6 Share as a group. Just like on Twitter, WABC’s main station Instagram account was the No. 1 overall in the market, responsible for a 20.4 Share on the platform. WNYW was a close second on Instagram with a 30.1 Share as a group and that station’s main Instagram account had a 20.3 Share on its own. WABC and WNYW’s main station accounts both generated more than a quarter-million Engagements over the last 30 days.

WABC’s top talent made a big impact on Instagram. Sports anchor Laura Behnke had a 5.9 Share on the platform and meteorologist Amy Freeze had a 5.0 Share. No other individual in the market had a Share greater than 3.0. Combined, the two generated more than 150,000 Share in the last 30 days.

Overall, Freeze was the No. 1 individual in the market on social.

Of the top 10 individuals overall in the market, WABC had six, and both WNYW and WPIX had two apiece.