WJW Anchor Taken Off Newscast for Remainder of Week

By Aneya Fernando 

WJW_640WJW morning anchor Kristi Capel‘s saga continues, and her future at the Cleveland FOX affiliate isn’t looking good.

After using the racially offensive word ‘jigaboo’ to describe Lady Gaga’s Oscar night performance on Monday’s show, she was immediately reprimanded by viewers on social media. Capel apologized on Twitter, claiming not to know what the word meant ‘or even that it was a word.’

On yesterday’s show Capel apologized on-air for the remark, while her co-anchor Wayne Dawson, a licensed minister, defended her. It doesn’t seem to have helped, because Capel’s punishment continues. We’ve now learned that management has taken her off the air for the remainder of the week.


WJW won’t confirm if this is a suspension or if she’s being paid or not. Here’s what the station told The Cleveland Plain Dealer:

“Kristi Capel will not be anchoring ‘Fox 8 News in the Morning’ for the remainder of the week.” Stacey Frey filled in for Capel this morning.

Capel is expected to return to WJW on Monday.