With Investigative Reporting, Current Attempts Reboot

By Andrew Gauthier 

The Daily Beast

Now five-years-old, Current TV has failed to make a dent. But CEO Mark Rosenthal wants to broaden by doubling-down on investigative programming.

Early on in War on the Border, a three-part special examining the immigration battle taking place along the U.S.-Mexico border that begins the new season of Current TV’s Vanguard documentary series on November 15, there’s a scene of a meat locker stuffed full with the corpses of 130 migrants who succumbed to the desert elements before they could make it into the U.S. So packed in are the bodies, the Sheriff calmly explains to the camera, that he has to rent a refrigerated truck to take some of them away. A voiceover later adds that for every body found, 10 more go unrecovered.


It’s a border war perspective not found on the big three cable news networks More…