Miami Reporter, Photojournalist Injured as Van Flips

By Andrew Gauthier 


A WPLG news van was thrown to its side early Friday morning after it collided with another vehicle. Reporter Neki Mohan and photojournalist David Silver were injured in the crash and rushed to a nearby hospital.

The accident took place in Fort Lauderdale as Mohan and Silver were on their way to cover a local firefighters’ demonstration. According to WPLG, Silver attempted to make a u-turn when an SUV crashed into the news van, causing it to roll to its side.


Mohan and Silver have been treated at a local hospital and their injuries don’t appear to be serious. In fact, Mohan stayed in reporter-mode throughout the ordeal, taking photos with her iPhone and updating her Facebook status.

“It was very, very scary. I didn’t see it coming,” Mohan told WPLG over the phone. “Immediately, people rushed over to help us, and I’m thankful everyone’s okay.”