WINK Chief Meteorologist Matt Devitt Hurt in Car Crash

By Kevin Eck 

WINK chief meteorologist Matt Devitt said he recently suffered a broken collar bone along with cuts and bruises to his legs, arms, hands, ribs and nose.

Devitt said he was involved in a serious car accident while he was on his way home.

“While heading home, turning lane traffic formed a long stopped line of cars in the fast lane,” Devitt wrote on Facebook. “A car in front of me saw it and quickly got over, but unfortunately, I wasn’t able to react as quickly. I collided with a large SUV that was in the stopped line of cars. There was no alcohol or any other type of impairment associated with the accident.”


Devitt said he has a long recovery ahead, and viewers will see him on the Fort Myers, Florida CBS affiliate in a sling for several weeks, but he’ll keep working.