Wichita Reporter Fires Handgun in Standup

By Kevin Eck 

Bryan Ramsdale, a reporter for Wichita ABC affiliate KAKE, did a story about an axe handle wielding, knife holding man who was shot by police.

As part of his standup, Ramsdale took out a handgun and demonstrated what it sounds like when someone takes out a handgun and fires off a couple of rounds. Does he get a gold star for creativity or a demerit for possibly endangering the lives of whoever may be behind the tree line seen in the distance?

“Please tell me the reporter that shot the handgun in the air when reporting on the officer involved shooting in Pratt was using blanks,” wrote one viewer on the station facebook page. “No eye or ear protection or a suitable backstop to shoot into. Hopefully there were no houses on the other side of the trees. SMH……”

Ramsdale told TVSpy not to worry, though, “The gun was fired on my property where I have always done target practice. The gun was firing into a large sand embankment.”