WHO-TV Reporter Assaulted, Two Arrests Made

By Stephanie Tsoflias Siegel 

WHO reporter Maria Lisignoli is recovering after being assaulted while trying to capture a street fight on her cellphone during a night out with friends in Des Moines last month.

Today, the station says the two women who attacked her in retaliation for recording the fight are under arrest.

According to the station’s website:


On Monday, police arrested 20-year-old Riley VerSteegh and 22-year-old Sydney Stuart. They are both accused of assaulting Maria Lisignoli along Fourth Street on May 6th. VerSteegh is charged with assault causing injury, and Stuart is charged with simple assault. A third suspect identified does not face any charges.

Lisignoli suffered a minor concussion after being hit and falling into a car.

You can watch the story and see the cellphone video below.