WHNT in Huntsville Shuffles Anchors

By Kevin Eck 

Kelley Smith is changing her schedule at Huntsville, Ala., CBS affiliate WHNT.

Smith (pictured) will star her day “a little later in the morning.” She’s expecting a child in November.

The station said the new schedule fits better for her new life as a working mom. “I want to be there when she wakes up in the morning and I want to be there when she goes to bed. I want to be part of the bedtime routine. You know, just part of her life in that way,” she said. “There was just a piece of me that I would be missing some really important parts of her daily life with the schedule that I had them.”


Emileigh Forrester will move to mornings and Lauren Layton will move to nights.

“I got to anchor with Greg for a week when Steve was on vacation, and it was so much fun,” said Forrester. “Both are looking forward to taking on a new challenge. “I’m really excited to be able to be on morning tv and help people wake up with their day.”

“I’m so excited. I mean it’s hard to say there’s a shift you don’t want though. Because really, the worst thing is getting up,” said Layton. “Once you’re in the building, I could be working nights. I could be working mornings. I could be working weekends. Once you’re here, the job is the same and the drive to do a good job is the same.”