WGAL Reporter to Retire at End of Year

By Kevin Eck 

Jim Sinkovitz is retiring from Harrisburg, Pa. NBC affiliate WGAL at the end of the year.

Sinkovitz started his TV carer at WHP in Harrisburg in 1974 before joining WGAL for the first time in 1987. Between 1995 and 2008, he worked at WPHL and then WCAU in Philadelphia. He came back to WGAL in 2008.

“It’s been terrific to work with Jim,” WGAL news director Dan O’Donnell told PennLive. “He’s been a mentor and friend to generations of our reporters here, and to our audience at WGAL, and other places for nearly 40 years.”


“I’m very grateful for WGAL and Dan O’Donnell who gave me the opportunity to come back here and be part of this terrific television operation,” Sinkovitz said. “That was really nice. It’s a nice place to come back to.”

Sinkovitz will remain at WGAL through the end of December, and no plans have been made as yet regarding who will fill his position after he steps down.

Regarding Sinkovitz’s farewell to the WGAL audience, O’Donnell gave assurances that it will be a special occasion.

His twin brother Tom also works in the industry, he was an anchor in the San Francisco Bay Area.