WFAA Aired a Show Shot Entirely on an iPhone

By Kevin Eck 

WFAA’s Mike Castellucci shot an entire show called “Mike Castellucci’s Phoning it In” on an iPhone.

During the show, Castellucci made the joke that he’s putting his photog, with his $50K HD camera and various accessories, out of work. But the show does look great.

Castellucci told TVSpy he shot the entire piece himself.He added he used “a small tripod, a suction cup mount for driving shots, and for probably 90 percent of the shots, I used an Olloclip…a slide on wide angle attachment that cost around $50.00.”

There are at least three ways to look at the show: It’s a well-crafted virtuoso piece. It’s an interesting look into what may be the future of local TV. Or, it’s just an interesting look at how far technology has come since TV first started.

Mike McGuff