WESH Meteorologist Following Anchor Wife to Boston

By Kevin Eck 

WESH meteorologist Jason Brewer is leaving his job at Orlando NBC affiliate WESH to follow his wife, who just got a job at WFXT in Boston.

“I am so proud of my wife,” Brewer told The Orlando Sentinel. “When she told one of her mentors she was marrying me, he told her, ‘Jason better get ready for an adventure!’ We will miss our Central Florida community dearly, but I am excited for this next chapter.”

Brewer’s wife is WFTV anchor Vanessa Welch, who will anchor evenings at the Boston Fox affiliate. “Jason is extremely talented, and I know there is a huge future for him in Boston,” she said.


Brewer started at WESH in February 2007. He came from KPRC in Houston. He’s also worked at WTVD in Raleigh-Durham and KOSA in Odessa, Texas.