WCPO Launches Deconstructed Afternoon Newscast

By Kevin Eck 

Scripps owned WCPO in Cincinnati started airing a 4 p.m. newscast which media writer John Kiesewetter said was a show that de-emphasizes the anchor’s role.

Anchor Jasmine Styles doesn’t walk viewers through the newscast like a traditional anchor. Instead, the newscast uses E.W. Scripps’ Scrippscast computer technology which has reporters introduce themselves and their topics after a graphic intro. From Kiesewetter:

It’s a look into the future of TV news on WCPO-TV, which has led the market in innovations. Last December, WCPO-TV became the first Cincinnati station to pull main anchors off the 11 p.m. news so Tanya O’Rourke and Craig McKee could report more stories during daylight hours.


WCPO-TV has been using the Scrippscast computer-assembled format at 4 p.m. since June, and soon will apply it to the late Saturday night news following ABC’s college football telecasts. Channel 9 also uses Scrippscast for its FC Weekly show. Scripps’ stations in Michigan, Florida and other areas also use the anchor-diminished Scrippscast format

“Many Scripps stations are using the 4 p.m. format you see on WCPO 9. I am not sure how many other Scripps stations are using the Scrippscast software, but I believe many are using it in some capacity because it is a valuable tool,” said Jeff Brogan, WCPO vice president and general manager.