Univision Houston To Open National Weather Center

By Stephanie Tsoflias Siegel 

Starting next week, KXLN-TV will open a weather center hub in Houston that will service Univision nationwide.

According to a report in the Houston Business Journal, ‘the multimillion-dollar project opened last week but will not start broadcasting unit May 8,” said senior vice president of local news of Univision, Chris Peña.

The 3,000 sq-foot weather center features three studios with multiple live transmission paths, the article says. It also has a 60-square-foot video wall and 84-inch touchscreen monitors with internal web browsers.


Peña also told the paper, “the weather center will have augmented reality technology, allowing for 3D graphics to appear in front of meteorologists versus two-dimensional graphics in the background. That lets meteorologists take viewers “inside storms and weather systems to show how they develop.”

Univision Houston is one of the top-rated stations in the market.