Univision CEO Holds Town Meeting at Texas Station Honoring ‘Selfless Dedication’ Of Employees

By Chris Ariens 

Univision CEO Randy Falco held a town hall meeting at the network’s Houston station, KXLN, to show support for employees who both covered and were affected by Hurricane Harvey as well as Hurricane Irma in Florida.

“At a time when news in this country is being derided, you get a sense of how important a news organization is to a community when you go through events like we’re living through today here in Houston, South Florida and now in Puerto Rico and Mexico,” Falco told staffers.

Falco’s two-day visit included intimate meetings with UCI employees who suffered extensive personal loss, we’re told. The town hall style meeting was with radio, TV and digital employees in the Houston area.


“During the most critical moments, our reporters and news teams are very much first responders. You run into problems when others are running out. You are risking your lives to make sure our audience is safe and informed,” said Falco. “Thank you for your selfless dedication to the communities we serve.”

Earlier this month, even before Irma’s landfall in Florida, Univision pledged $500,000 to relief agencies for Harvey’s hardest hit victims.