Two Florida Stations Say They Called Hurricane Irma First

By Stephanie Tsoflias Siegel 

Another Hurricane season means another feud between two Fort Myers stations.

WBBH, the NBC affiliate in the market and WINK, the CBS affiliate, are both saying they called the Hurricane would make a direct hit in Naples first. According to the News-Press, WBBH’s chief meteorologist Robert Van Winkle, was the first in the market to make the call and Darrell Lieze-Adams, the executive director of news, is making sure the competition isn’t mistaken.

He sent this tweet addressing WINK’s claim.


According to the paper, Waterman Broadcasting is the only station in the market with Doppler radar which allows them to predict storms with increased accuracy.

“We can track an eyewall coming right at us,” Van Winkle told the News-Press. “We could see it in live, real-time photos. We were ready, and it worked beautifully. I knew exactly where the eye was going, every single minute.”

This isn’t the first time Lieze-Adams has used social media to call out the competition.  TVSpy reported when Lieze-Adams called WINK last hurricane season.

WINK was running promotion claiming they were first but it can no longer be located online.