Tulsa Anchor Mark Bradshaw, ‘I Did Not Leave and Retire Voluntarily’

By Kevin Eck 

Former KTUL anchor Mark Bradshaw is looking to set the record straight on his departure from the Tulsa ABC affiliate owned by Sinclair.

Bradshaw left the station in November, just before parent company Sinclair moved news production for the station to a hub system it shares with Oklahoma City station KOKH.

“I want to clear up what appears to be some confusion,’ he wrote on Facebook. “Many of you have congratulated me for my retirement. Thank you for your kind words but I did not voluntarily retire from my 27 years at KTUL and 44 years as a TV news anchor and reporter.”


Bradshaw said he “was never given the opportunity to say goodbye on the air.”

He also promised more to say about the “circumstances surrounding the dismissal in the future but I just wanted to make it clear I did not leave and retire voluntarily.”